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A selfish young woman whose hunger drives her into the claws of a vengeful beast.

An orphaned boy who uncovers a terrifying truth while trying to survive in London’s

And two sisters who come together to fight an ancient demon, but time is not on their side.

Three familiar tales from childhood, each with a dreadful twist and a horrifying ending that will
make you shiver. These are not the fairy tales you remember, but they will be the renderings you
never forget.

Once upon a time…

Crimson Crisp.jpg

Crimson Crisp 

Twenty-seven and desperate, Avery Sterling wants nothing more than a chance to prove her worth as a marketing exec in her father's Manhattan based firm. But he isn't impressed by her accolades or the company she keeps, especially when her lovers are hand picked from his board room. Forced out of the city, she unwillingly agrees to spend the summer working on her uncle's apple orchard, even though the last thing she needs is to be stuck working beside a grumpy farm hand who wants nothing to do with her. Yet she refuses to be run out by another arrogant man.


Returning to the orchard for his fifth season, Jonah is determined to lose himself in arduous labor. Hopefully, that will keep the memories at bay. The summer is off to a good start until his employer saddles him with a new hire, a spoiled niece whose never worked a day in her life. She's everything Jonah pictured, complete with a designer blazer taken from last night's hook-up. He has no interest in getting to know her, but a glimpse of vulnerability makes him rethink his first impression. 


Will they stick to their rigid convictions and run from the building tension between them? Or will they let go of their equally difficult pasts and become swept up in the magic of the orchard?

Dark Flowers.jpg


Life at St. Agatha's School for Girls is anything but a fairy tale. With ratty blankets and a torturous device called the box, Eliza is desperate to escape. When she attempts to leave the school with her best friend, Millie, they discover something in the Louisiana swamps that may be even more dangerous than the orphanage—a world of silver-and-black fairies.

But Eliza doesn't trust the sparkling beauties, and she’ll do anything to protect Millie. The only problem is once Eliza remembers her own terrible secret, it will be impossible to forget.



Technology is the new drug…

When Maggie Stone straps on the Vertix H2, an innovative device that creates a social media and online experience unlike anything she’s ever known, she quickly becomes a fan.

Able to control virtual reality with her mind, the rush is intoxicating. But soon the device begins to take over her life. Immersed in a colorful and explosive world of technology, she finds it impossible to disconnect. As her addiction grows, Maggie’s world spirals out of control, endangering and pushing away reality.

Can she kick the social addiction, or will the thrill of the connection pull her under?

Among the Hunted.jpg


Kaitaini was once wild and rebellious, more concerned with sneaking off to exotic realms than mastering her magic. But that was before. Before she fell in love. Before she met Hermes. Before she got her best friend killed.

For one hundred years, she shouldered her guilt and became a true nymph warrior for Olean, eager to throw herself into any challenge, hoping death would ease her conscience.

But when she fails to protect her sister from Zeus, she vows to do the impossible: kill an immortal. Now, a new hunt has begun. A dangerous game played not only in the ethereal realm but also on Earth. A game that puts Kait in the crosshairs of one of the most powerful gods in existence. She'll need to protect those closest to her and battle against enraged gods and creatures if she hopes to survive.

bakers wife 1.jpg

The Baker's Wife

Once upon a time, the kitchen was full of fond memories for the Baker's wife, but under the brutal tutelage of her husband, it is just another arena for his cruelty. 

         When he orders her to bake cookies for the annual contest, she rebels and crafts a gingerbread man unlike any before. Appalled by the creation, her husband flees the house, leaving her to indulge in a rare slice of solitude. But she isn't alone. 

          Wrought by a swirl of magic, her gingerbread man comes to life, manifesting in the form of a perfect lover straight out of a fantasy. Convinced she's dreaming, the Baker's wife indulges her most secret desires and embarks on a journey of self-exploration and passionate awakening under the skillful hands of her gingerbread man. But can this newfound euphoria last? 

            Run, run, run.

Kindle Vella Series

Wind Chimes Cover.jpg

Wind Chimes

Do you remember being in elementary school? Remember the woods that stretched beyond the playground? Remember what they told you happened in those trees? Jeremy is new to the 5th grade class, but already the story of Crazy Eddy is the source of nightmares, especially when he's dared to enter the part of the forest where another boy disappeared. Are his friends lying about the old frayed rope swinging from the branch or does something sinister truly haunt the woods?

Red Rose-Caytlyn B cover.jpg

The Red Rose

What if Snow White and the Evil Queen were friends growing up? What if the Queen was envious of everything Snow had? What if taking her heart wasn't enough? Reimagined in a modern day retelling, the girls are partying at a bonfire after prom, but Ava has a sinister plan up her sleeve to become the fairest of them all. This short story has been previously published in the horror anthology by Cemetery Gates titled, Other Voices, Other Tombs.

Beneath the Beauty.jpg

Beneath the Beauty

Earth is dying. Riots grow stronger every day as food sources collapse and fires rage. Blessed with a hauntingly beautiful voice, Aurora James has been selected to join the Elite, a privileged group of wealthy citizens who escaped the slums of Earth for the peaceful tranquility of the Moon. Here Aurora can breathe & relax in luxury. When she's invited to attend a premium spa, she learns she can alter her appearance with the latest surgery, but a terrible secret lurks in the bowels of paradise.

Under the bridge. CB.jpg

Under the Bridge

We've all heard the stories of the terrible trolls who lie in wait beneath the bridge, preying on those ignorantly trying to cross. But what if that's not the whole story? Born with beauty beyond compare, with each kill, a troll trades a sliver of beauty for strength, power, and respect. To kill a human is the highest honor. Thorn botched her first chance, and now risks exile if she fails again. But what happens when she falls in love with her prey?


Mama Never Told Me

Growing up, Mama taught taught me to be smart, and how to go after what I wanted. I worked hard, I met a nice man, and had a wonderful little girl, but things are changing. My once sweet husband is becoming a demon who I fear when he has a bottle in his hand. I want to run, I need to protect my daughter, but Mama never told me what to do when my fairytale came crashing down. TW: domestic abuse. This story includes several violent scenes that some readers may be uncomfortable reading.

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